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They are to do good, to be rich in good works, generous,

and ready to share … so that they may take hold of the life

that really is life.

1 Timothy 6:18, 19b

Live Courageously: It is stewardship season as we plan for 2021. This year, our theme – to live courageously – reflects how we plan to face the ongoing challenges from the global Coronavirus pandemic and the economic, racial, and political strife in our country and world as we move forward in the life of Covenant Presbyterian Church. This week, each Covenant household should have received a packet of stewardship information in the mail. Please review it prayerfully and thoughtfully. If you have not yet received a mailed packet, here is a link to the materials:  Live Courageously!


We encourage you to take the time to consider your commitment (time, talent, and financial) for the church’s future.  Please fill out your cards and send them back to the church office before we celebrate Stewardship Sunday in our November 8, 2020, worship service.

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We are so grateful for the technology that allows us to continue to have church online and know that God will still meet us as we worship together! 




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