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Make a Difference

in our church, in the community, and in the world

We invite you to participate with us as we seek to witness to Christ’s Gospel of love, justice, and peace. 

How to Give


Give online through our secure platform, GivePlus Online.


Give securely via text through GivePlus Text.


Give securely via the GivePlus app.

Why We Give

We give out of gratitude for God’s gift of life and for all the abundant grace and blessings we have received. We know that all that we have and all that we are comes from God and is meant to be shared with others. 


In gratitude for God’s goodness to us, we dedicate our service, our time, and our resources to the ongoing  witness and work of the church, not just in our congregation, but in the wider community and the world. 


We give because we treasure the fellowship, witness, and ministry of Covenant. We all have received so much love, guidance, support, and encouragement from our Covenant community, and we give so that these blessings will continue for future generations


We give so that Covenant will continue to be a witness to the reconciling love of Jesus, breaking down barriers and inviting  all into His Body, the Church.

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