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Covenant Presbyterian Church was formed in 1971 by the merger of two Presbyterian churches, John Knox and St. Mark’s, using the physical facility of John Knox.


Covenant has long been a congregation that emphasizes contemplation and other spiritual practices as a foundation for our life together and our mission in the world. We are an alternative in an area dominated by fundamentalist Christianity.


We rejoice to have found a pastor who will encourage our spiritual growth through sharing insights gained through personal spiritual practice, who will help us discern where we are called to minister in the community, who will continue to deepen her knowledge of Scripture, and who will preach the Gospel in an inclusive, non-dogmatic, and encouraging way.


We value our children and youth, and we have found someone who will commit to helping us nurture them with Christian education and mentoring.

We look forward to walking with Becky into the future, sharing our lives, and affirming our mutual strengths while lovingly challenging each other to a more profound vision and response to God’s call.


Covenant embraces a broad vision of worship and ministry. Christ did not confine his activities to one day a week. Christ also taught that worship encompasses many different forms. Accordingly, members of Covenant engage in various ways and practices of worship throu0ghout the week, in structured and unstructured environments, at the church and outside the church building within the wider community, and in the world. Covenant is a More Light Congregation committed to the inclusion of all God’s children.

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Covenant has committed to the “Earth Care Pledge” and accomplished a specific number of actions toward caring for God’s earth in four categories: worship, education, facilities, and outreach.

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In becoming a More Light Congregation, the hope is that LGBTQIA+ people are welcomed in the life of the church just like any other sibling in Christ.

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